A customer after using jintropin

A customer show the result after using Jintropin 4 month. That u can see this:

Hi guys,

I've been running JinTropin @ 4iu per day(2morning, 2 post workout), 5days per week, for the last 4months.

To be honest, I haven't noticed any fat loss, but I guess I do notice that my muscles are a bit more defined, and that people complimented me on my build even when I was off cycle. I started a cycle 3months into the HGH cycle, but yet I can't really say that the Jintropin has been beneficial.

I'm 100% positive that my JinTropin is real, I'm getting it from a very reliable source. I'm thinking that 4iu per day is just not enough to get the fat loss and gains that I was hoping for. Would upping my dose to 6iu per day dramatically improve my HGH results? It's quite expensive, so I don't want to move forward with it if it's still not going to cut it.

I've been training for 7years now, I'd describe myself as moderately build, I'm no body-builder but I have a good bulk of muscle on me.
What's Jintropin does he buy from?
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